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Adjustable Size Silicone Soft Male Chastity Cock Cage For Adult

Adjustable Size Medical Soft Silicone Male Chastity Device,Penis Ring,Cock Cage

The large collection of silicone chastity cages means no matter what your personal taste is, you can find your favorite cock cage here. No matter what you’re looking for, there are different kinds of silicone cock cages here and you will definitely find your best one. Therefore, whether you want to buy a luminous pink silicone cock cage for your inner sissy or a subtle clear silicone cock cage, then you will definitely find your best one.

We recommend using and buying the silicone cock cages whether you are a beginner or those looking to add an extra layer of kink in the bedroom for a short time when they’re on their chastity journey. Although they won’t keep you as close to your home as our plastic or metal cock cages, these silicone cock cages are comfortable and a good starting point to explore your BDSM journey.

If you are a beginner or if you are interested in trying the male chastity cage for the first time, we generally recommend a silicone chastity device. Although these chastity kits are made of soft, flexible materials, they are less secure than metal or plastic devices. However, they are fun if you want to use chastity on your own in the bedroom. Buying silicone cock cages is also an inexpensive way for you to figure out the ring size that fits your hand most comfortably before you upgrade and buy a more durable device.

When you’re searching for a long-lasting, secure chastity device you shouldn’t be considering silicone chastity devices because they’re not what you’re looking for.

A number of silicone sex toys are available, including anal plugs, dildos, and Kegel balls. Can you provide me with a cock cage? It is a less popular pet, but it is important to keep in mind. Material is easily bendable so that you can fit your silicone cock cage snugly into your penis, and the soft and smooth component makes your silicone cock cage easy to wear long-term. As a result, it protects those with sensitive skin from nicks, cuts, and bruises. Whether you wear them now or in the future, silicon cock cages are among the most comfortable chastity devices you will ever wear.

If you are unfamiliar with silicone, then you may encounter some fitting issues after your sex toy arrives or a few uses. For best results, soaking it in hot water for 2-3 minutes (between 70°C and 90°C or 158°F and 194°F) before attaching the silicone cock cage and the ring will soften the material, allowing them to fit together easily.

A silicone cock cage is also capable of shocking your cock, which is another reason that you should consider owning one! Taking a moment to discuss science: silicone is a conductive material that enables electric currents to flow. This ability to carry electricity makes silicone an ideal substance for use in “shocking” silicone cock cages. Your key holder will be in possession of the remote control for these toys that come with electric features. If your dominate partner is feeling particularly experimental, he or she can put it on automatic mode to keep the torture consistent and long-lasting. Regardless of whether he or she controls the shocks, the intensity will also be in their hands.

You can choose from a variety of colors to fit your preferences when choosing silicone cock cages. Clear will be perfect to show your cock to your partner who is more tolerant of you showing them. Or select any of the solid and vibrant colors to completely hide your cock.

You will have the ability to connect to any type of cock cage apart from silicone cock cages, including metal cages, silicone cages, and even cages made from other materials, using silicon cock cages. It is the best choice for beginners, those who are interested in BDSM for the first time, as well as experienced enthusiasts.