Chastity is regarded as a central element of social morality since ancient times, and has always been seen as a pillar of social success. In addition to representing people’s desire for self-control and self-restraint, it also represents an expression of they’re trying to be noble people. There are chastity stories that are also stories of praise and admiration for high morality, and they teach us how we should keep our hearts pure and honorable by adhering to one’s own moral code and keeping our hearts pure and honorable.

Chinese culture gives a special importance to chastity, not only as a requirement for one’s character, but also as a requirement for the honor and dignity of one’s family as a whole. Thus, chastity stories are one of the most important types of stories in Chinese literature and hold a prominent place in it. They are not only a form of entertainment, but also a way to teach moral principles to children. The following are a few popular chastity stories that you might find interesting.

Chastity Stories

Chastity Stories in Dream of the Red Chamber

The classic Chinese classic work A Dream of Red Mansions is referred to as a classic work of classical literature. As well as being a novel, this is also a profound reflection on human nature and its morality that goes beyond the page. There are several chastity stories in this novel, and still some using chastity cages, and their content illustrates how different people understand and adhere to moral values in different ways.

There are several famous chastity battles in Chinese history, and one of the most famous is Lin Daiyu’s fight with Xue Baochai. I find Lin Daiyu to be an average, kind-hearted woman who understands love and marriage in a unique way that few women do. It was her belief that love should be a free act that should not be shackled by the constraints of family and society. Consequently, she rejects the marriage proposal made by her distant cousin, Xue Baoqin, and opts to live a life of freedom instead.

It is interesting to note that Xue Bao-chai is a traditional chaste woman who believes that marriage is a very important responsibility for the family, and as such she should follow the family’s arrangement with regard to marriage. Even though she knows that Xue Baoqin actually likes Lin Daiyu despite the fact that he has dumped Lin Daiyu for her, she is loyal to her fiancé despite the fact that he has dumped her for him. By the end of the chastity story, Lin Daiyu shows her friendship towards Xue Baoqin and recognizes her steadfastness in front of the readers.

The chastity story tells us that chastity does not have to take a static form; it can take many different forms, but ultimately, the goal is to uphold one’s moral code regardless of how it may look. There is no question that you should maintain your chastity regardless of whether you are following tradition like Lin Daiyu or following freedom like Xue Baochai.

Chastity Stories in Journey to the West

I believe that it is among the four great Chinese novels that The Journey to the West includes many chastity stories that speak of the importance of chastity. A famous story that can be found in this collection is the chastity story of the Daughter Kingdom. The king and queen of the Land of Daughters, Mona, as well as the daughters of Mona were all chaste; they did not touch men, were never married, and did not have children. The Longevity Monk and his entourage however, broke Mona Meng’s chastity when she met them and her chastity was broken forever.

The Longevity Monk has a profound effect on Mona Lisa, causing her to question her lifestyle and realize that chastity goes beyond simply keeping the body clean, but is also an attribute of purity and nobility on the inside. She ends up giving up the traditions of the Daughter Kingdom and marries the Longevity Monk, becoming his sixth disciple in the process and giving up the tradition of the Daughter Kingdom.

In this chastity story, we see that chastity is not a bondage in the sense of a bond, but rather a cultivation within ourselves. A true reflection of chastity can only be captured by an inner purity, not by a mere surface appearance, in a sense that is reflective of its value. We are also made aware of the importance of letting go of the traditional bondage sometimes in order to achieve happiness as a result of Meng’s change.

The Story of Chastity in Water Margin

As part of the chastity story, there are also many stories that deal with chastity, so the Water Margin is also a chastity story about righteousness. It is well known that Yang Zhi and Mu Guiying’s story is one of the most famous chastity stories in history. There were many heroes during the time of Song Jiang, the ruler at the time. Yang Zhi was one of them as he went up against Song Jiang in order to defend his hometown. A woman by the name of Mu Guiying, however, was steadfast in her commitment to her chastity, refusing to court favor at the hands of the emperor at that time in order to maintain it.

Their common belief eventually led them to become one of the most admired couples in Water Margin because of their strong bond and shared beliefs. There is something deeply compelling about their chastity story; it shows us that love can endure and that faith can be demonstrated with chastity. A true respect and appreciation can only be gained by keeping one’s chastity and avoiding all kinds of temptations.


There is more to chastity stories than just a great tale, they are a practice of morality that should not be ignored. It is said that chastity is not a constraint, but rather a self-restraint, a means of improving oneself, and it is not a limitation. One can only embody high morality, bring greater happiness to one’s life, and embody chastity the way one should in order to embody high morality.

Aside from the chastity stories mentioned above, there are several others in Chinese literature that praise and teach the virtue of morality. It is not only ancient chastity stories that have inspired our people through the ages, but also can be inspiring for our contemporary children. It is important that we learn together to be chaste and stick to chastity so we can make our own contribution to the moral construction of society in the future.