Menchastitycage has always been guided by gender health, customer first, quality first, technology as the guide, excellence, product quality as the lifeblood of enterprise development, reputation as the foundation of enterprise survival, and constantly committed to the research and development of new products, using all imported raw materials, advanced machinery and equipment. From packaging → inspection → storage → entering the workshop → cleaning → disinfection → coding → emulsifying → microbial detection → filling → packaging → storage → shipping, quality control, quality control. All-round guarantee that the company’s products can be safely used in the hands of consumers. At the same time, we have a professional business team, which can customize OEM/ODM products according to customer requirements. From brand concept design to purchasing packaged products and shipping, one-stop operation. We are your preferred partner, looking forward to our cooperation.

The company currently has more than 70 various products, its brand “KA-YA” “SIMI” “COKELIFE®” has been sold in major cities at home and abroad. All products are strictly controlled by purity and safety. From raw materials to production, labeling, microbial testing, shelf life, etc., all levels are checked. All products are strictly in accordance with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration, and advocate the brand concept of “private health”.

Water-soluble products are unique in their silky, refreshing, long-lasting, non-greasy properties, which are unmatched by other similar products. Its main ingredient is 100% pure plant-based pharmaceutical grade raw material. It is natural and safe. It feels smoother, non-contaminating, completely edible. It can be rinsed with cold water and has excellent mucosal compatibility. It does not affect the normal PH of body fluid. With different formulas and different tastes, each product has its advantages, to meet the different needs of diverse people as much as possible, with “good products, good quality, good service, good reputation, high efficiency” as the business philosophy of the company, we make unremitting efforts for the healthy and harmonious life of mankind