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Small Standard Cock Cage Chastity Device With 4 Size Movable Rings

Note: You will get 4 Ring,Inner diameter:38mm,43mm,48mm and 52mm

Adjustable Size Silicone Soft Male Chastity Cock Cage For Adult

Adjustable Size Medical Soft Silicone Male Chastity Device,Penis Ring,Cock Cage

A tiny chastity cage that locks you away with no escape is hard to find if you need a smaller fit. Having small cages to play with and humiliate are popular fetishes for sissies.

Luckily, they’re easy to find. Our guide will help you buy one. As a deeply committed team of kinksters, we have spent entire days scouring the web for the best, most punishing cages available in the smallest sizes.

Chastity cages are used for what?

Those with smaller penises or those who prefer a closer fit may benefit from small chastity cages. If your chastity cage is too small, you may see the penis moving back a little. If this happens, you will have no chance at all of getting an erection. You will not feel any hardness when wearing one of these. If the item is too small it can feel “squished”.

If you are wearing a cage too small, it is better to use it for punishment play than for sissy play. Blood flow does not need to be restricted around the penis area. We highly recommend that before you purchase a tiny cage, you read how to measure yourself for one.

We will explain how to interpret the measurements provided by retailers for chastity cages in our guide to help you move forward with your purchase. This will result in a much better fit, and you will have less chance of buying a cage that will not be usable because the size is incorrect.

The Chastity Cage: How to Put It On

As with any cage, setting up a small chastity cage isn’t that hard. Lube up using the correct cage lube. Keep in mind that silicone cages should be lubricated with water-based lube. As for the rest, use the lube your body feels comfortable with.

You want to find the right fit for your penis. If you want to put it on correctly, you’ll have to ensure you’ve bought the right size, and you’ll also need lube. Purchasing a small cage has the added risk of running out of room.

Small Metal Chastity Cages

No metal cage is more unbending than one made of rigid metal. Seeing the weight of the cage will be obvious when you’re wearing one. This constant reminder keeps you looking forward to being unlocked to have an erection or orgasm.

Do you enjoy being confined? When wearing it, the metal will feel cold and unyielding. Because of its weight, you’ll feel it constantly.

Cage or Shield?

It is possible to construct different types of metal cages. You will still be able to touch and rub the skin poking through those ends even with a snug cage over the head of the penis. Despite being confined to one of these snug cages, some eager beavers have reported being able to orgasm.If chastity heaven sounds appealing, consider a cage.

You’ll want a sturdy metal shield if denial is the aim. With care, this can be used for urinating! However, it is not large enough to touch. Want to drive your sub crazy? Try holding a vibrator against it. You’ll see how they react. I wouldn’t want to provoke an unwanted release, so not too long would be suitable.

Smaller, more compact chastity cages are great for men who have smaller, flaccid penises and prefer a more restrictive experience of male chastity.